The foundation and volunteers

At the moment Groningen’s Historic Churches Foundation owns 91 churches, two synagogues, 58 churchyards/cemeteries and nine (freestanding) towers and the number is still increasing.


The maintenance and management of these buildings involves a great deal of work. We are fortunate that our foundation has always been able to rely on many very enthusiastic volunteers. They are indispensable and without them we would not be able to achieve our aims.

Volunteers in all shapes and sizes

At the Foundation’s head office volunteers work in the library where their main task is managing the automated document registration system and digitizing photographs. But they also assist with social media and/or the websites. Most of our volunteers are active in the so called Local Committees. Each church that belongs to the foundation has its own Local Committee. The committees are in charge of all the practical work that is involved in the activities and events that take place in the churches, such as holding exhibitions, organizing lectures and giving guided tours. They also see to it that there are volunteers present in the church on open days and as the ‘keepers of the keys’ they hold the key to the church and can dispense it to visitors. In short: they do everything that is necessary to keep the church going.