Repute and Renown - organs

Repute and Renown - Five Schnitger Organs in Groningen

Northern European organ building of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries is one of the richest traditions in the history of instrument making. In the world of Early Music, this tradition is still one of the crucial points of reference for instrument makers.

Repute and renown

Within this tradition, in turn, the work of Arp Schnitger (1648-1719) is the undisputed benchmark. Without exaggeration one can say that the importance of his work is similar to Rembrandt's work for painting or Bach's oeuvre for music.

Repute and renown


Arp Schnitger followed his predecessors, as was necessary in the economy of his time, which was governed by the guild system. But he also managed to develop major innovations within this framework and boost quality, not only in terms of the sound and technology of his organs, but also in relation to the organization of his workshop, which provided organs all over Europe.