Church Adorp

Adorp exterieur zuidzijde
Adorp exterieur zuidzijde

When you step into the 14th century church in Adorp it's almost like taking a step back in time to the Baroque era - the result of renovations in the 17th century. The original church in Atharpe, a village built on a wierde, an artificial hill, had a freestanding tower. This tower, which served as a watchtower and fortress for the inhabitants of Adorp and Harssens, was demolished in 1794 and replaced by a ridge turret. The church's interior captures the imagination, with a pulpit, a communion table and a roodscreen that date back to before 1667.
Currently the church is run by a group of volunteers who live in the village. Adorp's cultural committee, the Culturele Commissie Adorp, organises concerts and exhibitions by (local) artists there.

Torenweg 4, Adorp